LO Lasers are the sole agents for Siro-lasertec laser equipment in South Africa and offers this machinery for sale throughout South Africa.

Our service department is based in Cape Town, where we provide our laser engraving & laser welding and jewellery manufacturing services to the jewellery industry, public and many other industries.

Laser Engraving

Laser technology opens a whole new world for designers to engrave or mark beautiful patterns and unique custom designed images on jewellery, handmade knives, … really any metal surface or item you can think of! More…

Laser Welding

Laser welding is a process where metals are fused using a laser beam to form a weld. The non-contact laser beam permits welding in otherwise inaccessible areas. Non-contact welding ensures hygiene when welding medical devices and hypo-allergenic materials like titanium. More…

Jewellery Workshop

Award winning designer Noeline Kruger-Angrove and goldsmith Micheal Angrove will create your perfect piece, guaranteed to delight and last the ages. Contact us for a personal consultation today!