Laser Engraving – How can we help you?

Laser technology opens a whole new world for designers to engrave or mark beautiful patterns and unique custom designed images on jewellery, handmade knives, … really any metal surface or item you can think of!

Download our basic pricelist (900kb/pdf) or email us at for a more expansive quote.

Some of the laser engraving services we offer you :

  • engraving of almost any font and even your own handwriting
  • fingerprints and other prints
  • unique patterns
  • branding your product
  • family crests
  • and many more

Feel free to come speak to us about your special engraving needs!

  • 1-3 working days
  • 1-5 working days for specialized artwork and complex engraving
  • 3-7 working days for mass production

Express same-day service is available at an additional fee of R150. Booking is essential.

Please email to to arrange a booking.

The laser requires all artwork to be in a vector format. Send your artwork to in an editable PDF or DXF or AI.

Alternatively – please scan your image in high resolution (1200dpi) and email or send us your clear image (high quality) to / +27 (0)71 090 1399.

For fingerprints, prints, own handwriting, a child’s drawing, etc. please use black ink on white paper (if you can’t see the image properly- nor can we). Scan your prints in high resolution (1200dpi) and email to Alternatively drop in and we will assist you!

Fingerprint samples

Fingerprint ring sample

Fingerprints can be taken at the nearest police station or at our shop in Cape Town. Coat your finger with black ink and press down without rolling the finger. Remember that the most detail is on the lower part of your fingertip. Send us your instructions clearly on which fingerprint goes where and any additional wording.

  1. Bring in your article or courier it to us
  2. Fill out our “taken in form”
  3. Items will be placed in a sealed bag and placed in safekeeping
  4. The artwork and layout will be sent via Whatsapp or email for approval if required
  5. The engraving will then be done
  6. An invoice will be sent when the job is ready for collecting
  7. Please make full payment before collecting your job

  • Precious metals:
    Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium, Silver
  • Precious metals alloys:
    Britannia silver, Sterling silver, Argentium Sterling Silver
  • Base metals:
    Brass, Bronze, Copper, Nickel silver, Mokume-gane, Pewter, Stainless steel, Titanium, Tungsten

  • Jewellery
    Name Pendants
    Dog tag
    Id Bracelet
    Medic -alert
  • Rings
    Belly ring
    Toe rings
    Class rings
    Signet rings
    Thumb ring
    Engagements rings
    Wedding rings
    Friendship rings
    Promise rings
    Belly chain
    Body piercing
    Baby brooch
    Belt buckles
    Toe ring
    Anklet bracelet
  • Cutlery
    Carrol Boyes
    Wedding cake Serves
    Religious cutlery
    Kiddush Cup
    Baptism gift
  • Corporate or Birthday Gifts
    Metal business cards
    Trophies and award plaques (all depend on size and material)
    Pens (no MONT BLANC)
    Flask (all depends on size and material)
    Wine set
    Business cardholders
    Multi-tool set
    Personal care set
    Manicure set
  • Other
    Bicycle bell

Family crest and signet ring engraving is our speciality service in the laser engraving department. A Family crest is the perfect 21st birthday gift or a gift for a father that wants to leave something special to his children. A new trend is to create your own family crest that is more relevant to your family today. The signet ring and family crest have made a big comeback and we are immensely proud to say that we are by far the best laser engravers in this field.

Kevin Palmer is a qualified Jeweller with Graphic design background and is a master in the field of laser engraving. With extremely strict work ethics, he is professional and a perfectionist, ensuring you an excellent standard and results

In short, we take every precaution to avoid this happening!

However, although we take every possible precaution to safeguard your items, we can not guarantee the outcome due to circumstances beyond our control. i.e. porosity, imported articles, plating, manufacturing defects, etc.

Rings are clamped in a rotary system with very even pressure, and the laser software always keep track of the laser beam. Flat articles are placed on a flat table with almost no clamping involved.

All items are kept under lock and key when not being engraved.

We have been in the jewellery business for 37 years, and laser business for the last 12 years. We are a trusted name in the jewellery business due to our high standards.

We make use of a professional, international courier service. Please email to request a delivery quote & the extra fee will be added to your final invoice. Generally the fee is from R120 per collection / drop off but the price all depends on your location and urgency.

The laser burns into the metal during the engraving process. The “black” is caused by oxidation and the black is the residue that is left on the surface. If we do a cleaning run on the laser the metal will turn into the natural colour of the metal.

The laser burns away the top layer of plating, So, the colour all depends on the base metal under the plating.

Our lasers are specially designed to engrave/mark on metal surfaces. We have a YAG laser. We would recommend a CO2 laser to engrave on wood and glass.

Unfortunately not. We laser engrave, not laser print.

Different look and feel. With laser engraving, you can laser on almost any type of metal, inside, outside, on the edge of the ring. Places that are impossible to reach by hand. Laser engraving is a modern way to add that special extremely small messages, dates, or an image. Laser engraving provides clean, environmentally friendly technology with precise detail.

This depends on the wear and tear, and varies from client to client as it all depends on the metal and if it's inside or outside (eg, a ring). But most will last a lifetime.